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Collected Comments


"Ancestral Wall...Ascending from my inside, I am led through my darkness, now the scene begins healing...thank you so much Anja."

"Restoring Hope...Moves back and forth from the waves--washing the crouched figure--a remarkable painting--the light and depth--thank you."

"Restoring Hope...We need to become still to sense the movement, I am living within the movement of the painting and then going to my own heart, my own pulse."


"The Chrysalis...We are enjoying our new print immensely."

"Anja's artworks are gentle reminders of the past calling me to remember."

"The Chrysalis...This painting is both sensory and soul presence in its image. They are one--the after image appeared immediately so I poured attention into it--I was within deepest earth darkness--poured more attention into that--pure light."

"The Chrysalis...The verdant life--the mystery--image of a pregnant woman full of love--emanating from her womb--a life-giving force of beauty and mystery--thank you so much."

"Restoring Hope...Back before there were waves of oceans there was blue sapphire shimmering in the pools of Sophia's eyes."

"Ancestral Wall...I can always ask and they will be there--my ancestors."

"Pulsating lights, lights giving water--the angels are passing through--thank you Anja."

"Living Water....Light, movement, surprise, flowing...all the qualities I need for a vibrant life."

"Dove's Flight.....Heartfelt, heavy, dense, greening, fullness, connecting, forever."

"This has given me the hope that I am looking for."

"Flooded Sunrise....A brilliant green flash--a vibratory experience--the sun is rising."

"Living Water...You are Anja--the force of love--living water-YOU are living water."

"Living Water...This painting is pure love."

"Living Water...Wondrous force of love."

"Living Water...Anja, you are a living embodiment of living water"  ("I am just a droplet!"  Anja)

"I gaze at Anja's painting titled Living Water, very beautiful, very skillfully made. Picking out a point, letting my eyes be both focused and diffused. As eyes close, BLUE flashes forward, then the after-image fades. It is easy to recall the painting in my mind's eye. As I open my eyes, the waters surge and ripple playfully toward me! Very much alive!"

"Restoring Hope...I love my new artwork. Even though I knew the size before ordering it, it was quite the surprise actually seeing it on my wall. It is very inspirational and heartwarming!"

"The Burning Bush...Enjoying every moment with the radiance and peace that I receive."

"All of these comments are like wondrous waves coming to shore.  Thank You All!!"    With Gratitude, Anja

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